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I am a bit bamboozled by the number of help guides/links to click on etc. here in WordPress, which I am sure are there to help me but instead are confusing me. I have found that I am too impatient to sit and watch a video tutorial and would rather click around randomly and work out for myself how to do things…which makes me wonder if it is worth investing much of my time in creating more video tutorials on using online databases for students who I am sure are just as impatient as me!



  1. Hmm, well, at least you’re learning something :). I never watched the video either, just kept fiddling about until I was happy with it…and then fiddled about again when I changed my mind!

  2. Hi – I found your blog on the CPD23 list. I am also taking part this year.

    I’m the same as you – I ignored the videos entirely and started clicking buttons to see what happened, it’s all working so far!

    I have to agree with your point about making video tutorials – we made a few in my NHS library and put them on YouTube about two years ago. They’ve had a few views, but they weren’t as popular as we hoped. We still have steady numbers of 1 to 1 training sessions which I think people prefer, no matter how technical they are!

    Lisa Basini

  3. I actually like learning from video tutorials, as long as they aren’t too long or patronising. I like getting a generally overview and making sure I’m not missing anything too important before I start playing around to see what does what. I guess this is another example of how different people learn in different ways.

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