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There’s no substitute for a librarian!

I was floundering around trying to understand the world of blogs so summoned a librarian who I know uses blogs to help me out. In a couple of minutes she has given me some useful pointers and clarified some things for my poor techno-fearing brain. How much better it is when a human being spends just a small bit of time to help you with something – and most importantly of all they are a 2-way interactive resource so you can ask questions and get an instant response. Technology is great but I don’t think will ever replace the benefits of a human conversation, especially with a librarian!



  1. Steve

    I like the way you’ve described librarians here as a two-way interactive resource! It reminds me of an email I received a while ago, about (from memory) a great new type of technology called a book. It’s small and portable, never needs recharging and is very durable, some lasting for hundreds of years. Made me chuckle for quite a while 🙂

  2. Totally agree you will never be able to substitute the knowledge a librarian brings to the modern day library

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