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This week I have dipped in and out of other cpd23 Things participants’ blogs and it has been interesting discovering the variety of working backgrounds that people are from. I started by trying to find people doing the same job as me, but reading blogs from people who work in very different sectors and environments demonstrates a strong commonality of interests that stretches across the library sector and it is interesting to get  fresh perspective on issues that affect us all. I am still not entirely comfortable with blogging which feels a bit too much like a self-confessional style of writing and at the moment I can see the most potential in using it for my own reflections – and I do wonder who would be interested in reading what I am writing about? I have seen a couple of links to “how to write a good blog” so will be reading more about this. Looking forward to the next Thing now!


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  1. I think reading other people’s reflections can be quite useful. It’s always good to know, for example, that you’re not the only one struggling with something. Also, I quite often find that people have experienced something in a different way to me, so it gives me another perspective on things, which I think can be helpful. Or perhaps I just like reading other people’s reflections because I’m nosy! 🙂

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