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Thing 3 – my personal brand

This Thing I am having trouble with. I understand the arguments for creating an immediately recognisable identity and can see the benefits when it comes to professional networking. It is useful for finding people virtually who you may have met in “real-life”, especially if they use their real name, but there may be circumstances when you don’t necessarily want to be found or easily identified yet still be part of an online library community. If I write about work-related issues do I want others in my workplace to read my inner monologue? People may also have difficult personal circumstances where they do not want to be obviously identified and found in a quick Google search. In Facebook I can determine privacy settings and control who looks at my profile, but Twitter/blogs etc. are open to the world. The balance of professional and personal also requires some careful thinking and probably the most appealing blogs contain elements of both. So I think I am going to keep a little anonymity for now and hide behind my cat-branding. Also I have discovered that librarians love cats (sweeping statement/cliché?!) and this may have drawn people to read my blog already – I have just discovered the viewing statistics section and was pleasantly surprised! Just hope I can blog something worth reading about now..


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  1. The whole blog/work/privacy issue is tricky to begin with. Many times I have been about to hit ‘Post’ and then decided to tone down an entry or delete it altogether. Now I’ve been blogging for a while it is becoming natural to include/exclude work issues.

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