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A little appreciation goes a long way

I am working up to Thing 4 – honest! I have already been getting into the swing of Twitter in the last month or so and am finding it quite dangerously addictive – and that is with mostly following library-folk, not celebrities etc. Am I fooling myself it is for “work-purposes”, “information sharing” or “professional development” when it feels like fun? Not sure yet, although it is great to feel connected to the library world outside the confines of my own workplace. I shall look at RSS feeds and Storify shortly.

But the past couple of days I have been thinking habout ow a little appreciation really does go a long way and if people realised how much it meant they surely they should say thank you more often, or tell someone if they are doing a good job? Too often “management” seems to mean telling people where they are going wrong, not what they are doing well. I am feeling very grateful to have been nominated (along with another librarian colleague) for a Golden Apple Award at the university. This means a lot as the nominations come from the students, so this is actually someone (who I assume that I must have helped at some point) saying yes Ms Librarian, you do do a good job and I appreciate your help. The fact that this means so much makes me realise how rare this is to hear. But maybe I am as guilty as anyone else in not telling others that I appreciate their work, so it is my new resolution to thank and praise others when I mean it and hopefully make their day a little happier too šŸ™‚Ā For if weĀ get appreciation then it shows we are doing something right andĀ motivates us to carry onĀ and perhaps do even better.


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