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Catching up with Things!

Yes I have been lagging behind with the Things which is very bad, although I have been dipping in and out of them, just not recording them in this blog.. Do you have to write things down to make them real? Does reflective practice only happen on paper (screen) or can it happen in my head? Actually I think it does have to be written to make it organised so that is just an excuse!

I have been looking at Thing 6 (online networks) with interest, having recently got into Twitter and finding that quite a revelation in being able to connect with other librarians and viewing (occasionally participating in) the topics of the moment. Twitter can provide instant online networks by following other people’s followers etc. I am not sure about LinkedIn as I feel I do not have so much to promote about myself having not published anything and I worry about the privacy issue, although there are settings that can be adjusted. I think I will leave that one for now. Initially I thought that the LISNPN was not for me as I am not really a “new professional”, but on investigation it appears to be a good way to keep up with people and events in the library world. I am more interested in the LATNetwork, as I have to teach in my role and don’t always feel confident about this as I have no formal training or qualifications in this, so I will keep an eye on this – although I can follow this on Twitter too. Having too many online networks could result information overload!


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  1. Yes there is a bit of a danger of information overload!

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